Japanese Learning as a Second Language

      Students enrolled in our program receive detailed grammatical and pronunciation instruction in a bilingual learning environment. Under the guidance of an experienced polyglot instructor, beginners are able to progress quickly as they build upon their existing knowledge of grammar and pronunciation in their native language.  Students are able to understand language concepts rapidly and incorporate sentence patterns into a conversation from the first very day.

      For beginners, traditional immersion-style learning presents several challenges to the Japanese as a Second Language (JSL)  student due to the high-context nature of Japanese. The bilingual nature of our program addresses this issue by allowing detailed explanations of complex language ideas in a precise manner. If you are foreigner in Japan, and want to learn Japanese in English, this academy is the right place to visit.


Flexible Class Settings

1: In-person lessons available for those students seeking a traditional classroom learning experience.


2: Online lessons available for those students seeking the flexibility of studying anywhere and at any time.


3: In-person at other sites for those students seeking in-person lessons in their own environment  (depending on availability, contract, and class size).


This certificate was issued for completing the Ichihara City training for teaching Japanese to foreigners living in Japan.
This certificate was issued for completing the Ichihara City training for teaching Japanese to foreigners living in Japan.


Amber has been my Japanese teacher for several years now. She has a lot of in-depth knowledge about the language and culture, and I feel comfortable asking her any questions I might have. She is always willing to be flexible in the curriculum so that we can focus on what things I want to learn or areas where I need to improve... I can't recommend her highly enough! 


Jessie J.


Amber is an amazing teacher! She really takes the time to tailor her private lessons specifically to her students and explains difficult concepts in a way that makes it easy to understand. She also helped me choose a textbook that worked best with my learning style and schedule. Excellent above and beyond service!  I tried learning Japanese on my own but never got very far for several reasons, including lack of motivation. Amber kept me on track and wanting to learn! I only wish I had started taking Japanese lessons with her sooner!


Jessica R.


“Amber is an amazing person, and an incredible teacher.  She has an extremely strong grasp of the intricacies of both languages.  This is invaluable when learning, since she’s able to present topics in a variety of levels.  Her effort, her passion for teaching, her dedication to making sure the student is learning to the best of their ability is unmatchable.  You will not find a teacher more invested in her students, period.”


Dan Q.



Elementary Japanese

For Beginning Learners

Hiragana, katakana, and 1-300 kanji assessment, 

instruction, and review.

Daily conversation and basic sentence patterns used in everyday situations

Qualification: JLPT 5 or below


Intermediate Japanese

For Intermediate Learners

300-1000 kanji assessment, instruction and review.

Focus on expressing more complex ideas in social situations and communicating smoothly in various environments.

Qualification: JLPT 2-4


Business Japanese

For Company Workers in Japan

A customized program suited to the particular  

educational goals and business needs of individual companies.

Qualification: beginner to JLPT 2 


Advanced Japanese

For Fluent Japanese Speakers  

Guidance and support with translations, business presentations, reports, interview preparation, proofreading and other topics upon request.    

Qualification: JLPT 1 or higher 


Course Fees

Course fees are available upon request